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  • Kyle Tabone Betts

Game Night

ouija board

It was Janet's turn. She touched the planchette with her finger and asked her question, but nothing happened. Trent's turn. Nothing. My turn: "Hey, anyone out there at all? Getting kinda bored here!" Keira's turn. She smiled, her grin so wide it almost reached both ears. God, Janet's roommate was creepy.

She placed her hand on the planchette, asked her question, and replied to herself. We told her that's not how it works. She said that we know nothing of how it works. We argued, she flipped the board, Janet went for her customary cry in the bathroom. We heard her soul-wrenching scream; she had found Keira's body, warm, blood still dripping from her slashed wrists. Keira smiled again. This time her grin did touch both ears. We ran away, screaming.

I never thought cheating at a Ouija board game during game night was possible, but here we are.


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