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Kyle Tabone Betts is the dark fantasy author of the Pandemonium book series and a number of dark bites and flash fiction stories. Born in 1987 in the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, Kyle married Elaine in 2013 and together they adopted their son, Logan, in 2020. When he isn't writing, reading, or conducting some of the most bizarre online searches, Kyle is more likely than not driving his loving wife and son insane. Or they are driving him insane. Or they are all driving each other insane.

As it should be.

While his greatest passions are writing dark fiction and satisfying his fantasy addiction through reading, Kyle is no stranger to non-fiction writing, travelling, photography, and gaming. Career-wise, Kyle has obtained a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Malta and has worked in both the financial and gaming industries in multiple roles, including but not limited to: bank teller, customer support officer, compliance officer (regulatory and financial crime), and security researcher.​

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